What we do
What we do

Codes, Standards, & Policy Studies: The Association will promote platform construction of hydrogen fuel cell regulations, standards and testing, and actively participate in formulating and revising fuel cell regulations, codes, and international standards. The Association will conduct fuel cell policy studies to actively promote supportive regulations and policies for hydrogen fuel cell commercialization.


Demo & Commercialization: The Association will promote the demonstration and deployment of FCVs, hydrogen infrastructure, and hydrogen fuel cell products in selected regions and cities with necessary facilities. FCV business models will also be investigated in order to facilitate FCV commercialization. In addition, the Association will promote fuel cell demonstration applications in expanding areas to further improve fuel cell market share and scale, through multi-fields development.


Public Education & Awareness: The Association will carry out a range of activities to popularize hydrogen fuel cell science and technology and promote its public awareness, through various informational communication platforms and public media. The Association will organize a range of training programs in talent, technology, safety, etc. to enhance the capabilities of its stakeholders.


Consulting services: The Association will trace the development trends of the entire hydrogen fuel cell industry and share latest industry news. The objective is to provide advice and services for governments to develop and formulate hydrogen fuel cell development policies, incentive systems, and future plans, to render technical support and consulting for hydrogen fuel cell investment, and to conduct in-depth hydrogen industry studies for enterprises.


Communication & Collaboration: The Association will develop preeminent activities within the hydrogen fuel cell industry such as an annual International Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Conference, and carry out various business and technological communication through international forums, technical seminars, technical exchanges, technical studies, and product displays to strengthen global communication and collaboration. The Association will release technical and business news, and establish a platform to connect and integrate the entire hydrogen fuel cell industry.


Capital Investment & Financing: The Association will promote connection and integration between hydrogen fuel cell industries and financial capital from multiple sources, and establish a platform for project capital investment and financing, with the objective of actively guiding and enhancing capital investment to accelerate hydrogen fuel cell technology commercialization.