Members of the Association
As the pioneer of China's hydrogen energy industry, Beijing SinoHytec Co., Ltd. (SinoHytec), which was founded in 2012, has been focusing on the R&D and industrialization of hydrogen fuel cell engine technology. The company is committed to working out better hydrogen energy solutions.Presently, SinoHytec has already developed a vertically integrated system of products and service, which includes hydrogen fuel cell engine as a core product. It also covers components such as bipolar plates,stacks, vehicle controllers,intelligent DC/DCs, hydrogen systems, test equipment  and solutions for fuel cell laboratories, etc. The new generation of hydrogen fuel cell engine with its own intellectual property right has met the national technical standard of fuel cell systems and achieved the international performance level. In addition, the self-developed full range of testing systems provide a complete solution to the fuel cell labs for many mainstream commercial vehicle OEMs.