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Largest fuel-cell truck to be built by Anglo American Platinum

Date:2019-07-24 10:28:00 Edit:Admin Read:0
Release:2019-07-24 Source:Mining Weekly

July 22, 109 -- Fresh off their knockout first half, Anglo American Platinum (Amplats) announced that it plans to build the world's largest fuel-cell truck and have it operating by next year.


CEO Chris Griffiths made the announcement at an investor presentation recorded by Mining Weekly. "We are screening opportunities to use fuel cell trucks in our fleet, and we think by this time next year we'll have the largest fuel-cell truck operating anywhere in the world," said Griffiths. A carbon tax in South Africa may be a spur to find internal-combustion engine alternatives. In April, Griffith said the tax could cost his company about $21.34 million over three years of operation.


Building on over 100 years of innovation and technology, Johannesburg- and London-based Anglo American commits to hydrogen FCVs as part of its platinum market development strategy. As world’s premium supplier of platinum group metals (PGMs), Anglo American actively supports hydrogen fuel cell development - including platinum containing fuel cell vehicles (FCV) - to mitigate global climate change while boost platinum demand.


To foster global hydrogen fuel cell collaboration and ecosystem development, Anglo American Platinum is a long-term supporter of the 4th International Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Congress (FCVC 2019)that will take place in Rugao, Sept. 26-28.




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